• Norbert Gehrke

The Global FinTech Index is live!

Tokyo FinTech is a proud Partner of the first real-time, objective, open source, and unmoderated index designed to rank FinTechs globally, highlight opportunities and drive transparency across the ecosystem. The Global FinTech Index (GFI) by findexable is now live!

We are on a mission to help innovators & disruptors build a thriving, progressive FinTech ecosystem in our cities, countries and regions.

If your FinTech startup, accelerator, or association has not been captured yet, you can submit your information to make it discoverable. Any new entity added to the index will automatically update the ranking.

The GFI helps your FinTech gain exposure to financial institutions, government bodies, and investors. Put your FinTech on the map today. The Global FinTech Index (<- click here to access the listing) is your opportunity to drive #innovation, investment and growth.

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